January Gathering of the CycleKarts

Six CycleKarts! A new high-water-mark for the AMCK track. A great showing, and nice to be able to just drive and putter around. This weekend (the 18th-19th of January, 2003) was the first time we've all been able to drive the cars since the August 2002 race week. A long time. The Delage and Alfa had tuning issues which needed to be addressed after the thrashing they had in August. Peter fiddled with the Delage running gear (muchly appreciated—no more sparks!) and David's front axle needed some welding. All sorted out now and the cars are in fine shape. The second motorbike had its first test rides and seems to have good power. Slightly out of control, but that's to be expected...

The big news is the addition of two new cars to the field: Jim's Model T from a few weeks ago and his friend Norman's Lea-Francis. Norman's car is in the box stage, but on its wheels and moving very fast (though he may not make Jim's near-record time of six weeks to driving). Welcome Jim and Norman!

Impetus was provided sufficient to kick Mike into finally starting work on the Maserati. More Carmel CycleKartistes arrived (Chip and Brandt Bates—in Chip's new Austin Healy, a nice and smooth ride, making everyone look at the poor old MGA askance), and it looks like Mike and Brandt might have a race on to see who can finish their cars first. Much construction in anticipation of the next Vintage Race Week.

David getting in some much-anticipated track time...

Brandt Bates testing out the Bugatti again. We're betting he picks a Bug for his machine; perhaps a Type 35?

(Ed. Note, 2/10 It's really cool to look back now and think of Brandt's project and his choice of the ERA. Very cool work on his part and a really GREAT experience for us all!)

Brandt's father Chip giving the English machines a go.

Mike's New Motorbike

The new motorbike is back underweigh, and actually got a few test rides this weekend! It was lots of fun, then I had to go and take apart the clutch...A new one should be here in a week or so.

This one is much like Peter's, but a slightly peppier engine and lighter frame promise sporty performance.

More pics as progress warrants; stay tuned.