Early January, Ought-Three

The latest CycleKart is pretty much finished. Jim Holman has his well finished, save a few details like graphics and hood ornaments and things. We've driven this car, and it's one of the nicest! Jim had his car driving after only six weeks of work (with a two-week break for his back to recuperate...) Well done Jim! His friend Norman has already started on a car in Monterey which will bring the Monterey Peninsula's total to six cars after we finish Van's Maser.

Jim's car is based on a Ford Model T special which many of us have seen out at the Laguna Seca events: The Barber-Warnock Special. It's a nice car in full-scale, and I think the C-K version captures it nicely. We'll have to wait until summer to see how they look next to each other...

We'll post more shots as the opportunities present themselves: a gathering of the Clans CycleKarts is tentatively planned for late January or early February.