Winter In Texas!

Winter has rolled into Texas and snow and ice have hit Stoneleigh Ranch. Peter took these shots of this winter storm's result and it looks eerily cold. I keep looking for Tilda Swinton in the background...Still: It is pretty, in a bleak way. Wouldn't it be fun to drive the C-K's around the track and watch the snow fly instead of dust!?!

The po' lil Topo all cold in the Temple Of Genius.
The icicles off the roof just frame this nicely...I think I need a hot-buttered-rum just looking at this!
Not much Badminton or Croquet today...
I can't figure out what's going on near the bottom of this pic. It looks like fog, but it has to be ICE! Zounds...if this keeps up, I wonder if one could skate?
Another wierdness of nature. How strange the way the ice forms around the stems and leaves. I guess people who live in these areas probably aren't as amazed by this as I am.