More Action!

Here are a few more shots taken at the debut/shakedown of the Mini-Magnette CycleKart. The Center For American Ingenuity was having a fundraising event and we thought: "What better way to test this new car than have a bunch of people drive it really hard on its first day out!?"

The car did great, everyone had a fun time, and C.A.I. got some good press. Altogether satisfactory.

In these shots, Dave Kearney is being followed by Mike Stevenson. The course for the day ran right paast the food-and-drinks area for maximum spectator fun (and excitement--you never quite know where a CycleKart driver will go next!).

Here's Jonathon Schwarz drifting the Delage past his wife Thu Nguyen.

A couple of portrait shots of the Delage-inspired CycleKart.

Here are a few quick-and-dirty stills off a video. They show a bit more wheelspin-attitude!
Click on them for a better look.