Examples of a few Cyclecars!

Small, powered with motorcycle engines frequently (or engines made in tiny amounts by small workshops). The largest Cyclecar concentration was in France, with hundreds of small shops producing cars by hand. Lots of individuality, not much dependability, but a lot of fun and sensual input. Understandably Gallic.

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The Morgan

A Morgan 3-wheeler factory racer at the BMCRC meeting in 1922. The driver of the car is Harry Martin, the same Harry Martin who won the first ever cyclecar race at Brooklands in 1912. The car seen here is powered by an Anzani 8-valve racing engine. Standing alongside the racer is Mr. Hubert Hagens of the British Anzani factory in Scrubs Lane, Willesden. I think this looks like a great way to spend an afternoon.

The Darmont

The DeFrance

The LaPerle

The Rovin

The Salmson

Salmsons should be familiar to those who love Jaques Tati's film Mr.Hulot's Holiday!