A.M.C.K. Pics, October 2001

Even More New Photos!

This time of the Usine busy with Delage maintenance...


Here I am, busy at work on Van's front axle (for the forthcoming Maser). The Delage up in the air prior to tearing down the front end and checking things out. This car has had a very hard FIVE years now! More than enough to show up what's wearing, namely the front spring bolts. Replacing these and changing the steering arrangement over to the new style debuted in the Type 59 Bug.

Another somewhat alarming discovery as regards the drivetrain: slop in the axle keyways. Not at all good, and we're going to try a very long key to try and spread the load a bit. Some wear int he Comet vari-drive unit, but not too bad. A good tear-down and lube (with Comet's own spray Moly stuff...) should do the trick. A strengthening of the throttle cable lash-up and we should be ready to roll!

The CyclKartiste in style!

More Type 59 portraits...

...and another Topolino glamour shot!