A.M.C.K. Pics, October 2001

Click Here to download the Drones Club Driver, #4 for October of 2001

More shots of the new Type 59!

Peter taking the first test drives!

Mike getting a ginger couple of laps in...

The Type 59 pretty much finished. Little details still to come, but mostly there!

Aluminium parts coming together...

More portaiture. Here one can see the engine relief ports in the boat-tail. These are going to be covered at some point.

Not strictly a Cyclecar, but close...The Topo is looking very much nicer since its new paint job has been rubbed out a bit. Nice to see it back in semi-spiffy form. It's been more than a couple of decades. Brakes still to be dealt with, but the propellor-shaft-mounted emergency brake gives one enough false confidence to take the throaty little beast for a spin aroud the course.