More CycleKarting at Bill Spear's

Saturday afternoon at Bill Spear's ranch out at the head of Carmel Valley.

For those of you yet to get out there, it's a really swell place: Lots of pristine oak forest, a great house nestled very unobtrusively into the hilltop, a huge barn (powered by solar panels and a Trace inverter pretty much exactly as I would have chosen for myself) full of projects like W.W.II Jeeps (one of the very few original Bantams), an XKE, a tasty-looking Alvis tourer chassis w/Jag engine propped up in place (just ready to build a body for...), a Land Rover painted like a spawning Brook Trout (truly—it's for sale if anyone wants it), more Bantams (a teensy pick-up not even large enough to fit a CycleKart in the back and a cute convertible two-seater), some Beemers of various decades, and a very nice Sunbeam like Grace Kelly drove in To Catch A Thief. All of these mechanical distractions are nestled in sylvan glades and surrounded by the hills at the east and upper end of Carmel Valley.

All very pastoral—the place just screams indolent, Etruscan afternoons lolling about sipping wine and watching the buzzards drift around...So we brought out some nice gas-powered fun to wake things up! Jim Holman's new T Special C-K and our motorbikes. Bill was happy to demo his Riley Special CycleKart, so we didn't feel too bad chasing off the deer with our machines.

More afternoons are planned soon...

More Boating Fun!

The old Shenanigan has a playmate! After thirty-someodd years, Peter has made a second boat so we can have races. Jim's got one underweigh too, so the Estero will be seeing some action soon.
Watch a little movie of the boat (4mb.)
It's a good thing these are so much fun, since R/C sailing is about all we seem to be able to handle. Too many of the flying machines have been eaten over the years to want to do that anymore, but this is just about right...