Action Pics...

Frames Grabbed From The Little Movies!

I figured out how to pull frames out of the little movie clips we took wit the digital cameras. These are some of the more fun images, but as they're from frames which were never too clear to begin with, then enlarged, copied, etc., they're not too sharp. Nonetheless, fun.

I suspect these will be of more interest to the parties involved than to those who weren't there, and will be more like memory-jogs.

Brandt speeding along his driveway! David leaning into it. David drifting up the Bates' drive.
David chasing someone... One wheel off the ground where the track renters the driveway. Traffic on the Bates' Driveway. We surprised Brandt's friend Corey, and he surprised us!
Van on the road between the tracks. David passing by on the home track. Peter in the Buffy-Porson.
This was on the way over to the Bates' to do track work. David coming in hot! Note the two inside wheels off the ground. The whole car was sliding too! Turning onto Valenzuela.
All of these are on Valenzuela motoring over to the Bates' to start on the big weekend of track work (prior to the Poison Oak!)