The October Round-Up at Stoneleigh, 2006

This past October several of Peter's classmates gathered at Stoneleigh Ranch for a little impromptu Vista High School Reunion! Some of these friends have known each other since grade school. Quite a feat, seeing as how irascible they can be...No, I'm teasing, as I know how cool a long-term friendship like this is, as my friend Steve (of many of these shots) and I have known each other since our first and second grades. It was a great gathering, and we all hope it will become an annual event!
Fred looking relaxed, but determined.
Gary appearing to enjoy himself...
...while Dave seems to be doing the same!
The next day brigs the promise of more of this!
After the fun-filled day's activities wind down, the food is put away (in us or the icebox...), this was the proper way to end the evenings.

Video Clips Of Stoneleigh!

Peter demonstrating the new Schuco-inspired CycleKart, The Brannon Special!
The clip in WMV format
The clip In Quicktime format
The clip for DIVX players
A tour of the Stoneleigh CycleKart Track!

I was driving with one hand and taping with the other, so I'm afraid both sufffered, but one certainly gets the idea of the track layout and look.

The Tour clip in WMV format
The Tour clip in Quicktime format

Gary making it look easy through the infield.
Haley concentrating hard on maintaining her lead.
Fred enjoying himself down by the bunkhouse.
Dave throwing the dirt around a bit.
And here looking very sedate (only momentarily.)
Steve picking his line as he enters the Oak turn.
Dave and Steve motoring past the pits.

Spectators paying no attention as Steve tears through the infield as the sun sets.
Fred about to head out for some sport...
Haley enjoying herself as she motors down the back straight.
Steve exiting the Esses and heading out toward the back straight himself.

Dave contemplating a new toy...
...and testing it out! (apologies for the sketchy pic, but I liked the feel of it.)
This little motobike of Peter's got a real workout over the weekend! At one point, Steve discovered that it could be ridden in the darkness with the use of his tiny head-band-mounted camping light! This prompted Peter, Dave, and myself to try it out as well. It does work, and quite well. Soon the motorbike was tearing around the campfire, noticable only by the sound of the motor, the laughing, and the tiny spot of light...No shots were taken of this exercise, I'm afraid. Perhaps next year...
Susie admiring the Big And Bright Stars At Night.

Haley and Steve tearing around the Oak Turn as the sun sets. This is the far north-west corner of the track, and a fast, fun turn.
This is the best turn to drift through, as Steve enjoys here.
A little Lartigue-like action by Steve!
Crossed-up around the pool and into the Esses.
Slightly more "artistic" shots (with questionable focus...), but still with a bit of zing so they're here.

The road home...

Sights along the way...