Race Week 2004 CycleKart Shots

Shots from the 2004 Vintage Race Week in Monterey! A pretty good year, considering it was expected to be mostly an off-year. The marque was Ferarri, so we were expecting a bit less zany pre-war-fun than usual, but I think everyone was pleasantly surprised. The Pebble drive was re-routed to come right by Pete and Susie's house, so that was nice. Peter took the oppportunity to park some of our cars down by the gate to see what sort of reactions he could drum up.
A pretty machine to be sure; it cured us of our dislike of super-cars!
He ended up catching someone right away, as Alan Louwerse flagged down a passing Enzo and the fellow decided to stop with us to watch the parade. A nice southern-gentleman-type, Mr. Dan Heard was very kind about our stuff and we had fun chatting about possible drives in the southern part of Monterey County later in the week. I hope he had a chance to try some, as toodling around our roads in an Enzo would be fun, to say the least. Neighbor Reggie noticed the fleet and stopped to chat (nearly getting t-boned by hurtling cars on Aguajito...I think we all could just about hear the crunch at one point!) Peter missed a bet not palming off the MG when he had the chance—Reggie mistook it for the real thing! (must have been the heavy mist that morning...

The Pebble Parade was a bit disapointing this year, however there was a nice Alfonso Hisso would have liked to take home and repaint. Overall, the area was a bit crowded this year, as there were a heck of a lot of events.

CycleKart Fun After The Races!

David enjoying the fruits of his labors: The Alfa had been down with the same weird problem a bunch of the cars had this Spring. We applied the proper force in the right manner and everything came back to life! Both the MG and the Alfa were running well enough to give Peter a bit of pause. David lives to loosen his spokes though (as well he should!), and he was doing a great job of rearranging the road base. Exactly what he should do every few weeks.

The Alfa gets the scent...Notice the driver's expressions on the right.

Crossing it up a bit on the way downhill...and taking a little break.

A couple of videos of David and Peter enjoying themselves...