New, New, New!

A New CycleKart!

A New Track!

Photos and news from the latest trip to Texas!

(Well, new in 2006!)

Here it is: The New Brannan Special!

The first new CycleKart from Peter Stevenson in a couple of years, this one is based on a couple of new ideas. I'm sure you'll notice the similarity to a favorite wind-up racer from Germany which most of us have had in years past. Peter was inspired by the cute little Schuco Mercedes tin toy and this is the wonderful result! Along the way, though, it became obvious that this car has a lot of the classic American dirt-track car in its lines. In honor of the fun film To Please A Lady, this new car has been christened the Brannan Special!

The new C-K feels great to sit in, but we couldn't give it a run yet as the transmission hadn't arrived yet...Too bad, as it is going to be fun to start experimenting with flat-track racing! A new oval track will need to be graded somewhere, but Peter certainly has the space for it now! We'll post a page soon with track details, and shots of the new mountain track whcih has been started! There's really room for at least three separate tracks: The main one which weaves around the barns and houses, a Mountain Track which heads runs about the hill, in and out through the trees, and a flat Oval Track for traditioinal dirt-track racing!

Peter and Mike throwing some dust...It was HOT: over a hundred degrees! (Too hot for much fun, really.) Still; it's always fun driving this new track. It's so fast and fun—Lots of room to open up and run fast, a really fun/dangerous chicane (a very tight right-left squeeze between a rock planter and a barn!), tons of scenic areas and room to pass!