New CycleKart Fun At Stoneleigh!

Alessandra having her first taste of the wonderful fun of minimal motorbiking! Mike's motorbike is falling behind in long-distance explores, sadly. The last one was the Old Coast Road run of January 2007! Bad, bad...The planned run from Stoneleigh to Luckenbach was postponed in 2008 due to some reason we can't recall any longer and it looks like 2009 is about to come to a close without seeing this happen. Not to worry: a window of opportunity will likely be opening in early 2010 for the Luckenbach run.
You may notice a marked improvement in photo-quality; Alessanda is a photographer with a great "eye", as well she might be, seeing as how she's been making a living at it for seventeen years and counting! This shot of Mike heading into the Lab corners shows a great feel, we think.

As usual, all these shots are links to larger versions.

A new chapeter for the A.M.C.K.! A new member (provisional status, seeing as how she has yet to build a car of her own, but as she has the spirit and good sense (lack of judgement?) to marry a member, we're not standing on too many formalities! (like we ever do?)

Spring of 2009 was the opportunity for Alessandra and Mike to take a drive east to Stoneleigh, stopping along the way in Tombstone for a bit of Wild-West-flavor before hitting Texas. Our next night found us in Marfa once again, a pretty frequent and handy stopping point along the drive. Mike stopped through Marfa sixteen times in 2008—an amazingly busy driving year, but fun!

Getting a feel for the CycleKart concept. It wasn't more than a lap or so before Alessandra was drifitng about in proper style. Not surprising, really, given her past exposure to motoring machines. Her experience has been more with restored vintage machines, but we're happy she's now able to get her hands on the more relaxed equipment at Stoneleigh!
I think we can safely assume that she's a C-K afficianado now! The early decision on car choice for her ride is the Type 35 Bug, a great choice and one we have yet to do! We look forward to that eventual project whenever that might start...Knowing our current schedule, perhaps in 2010 or 2011...

Seems a ways off, but the last car was a few years ago now. The intervals stretch.

A couple of portrait-shots of Mike and Peter's motorbikes.

These remain the most fun bikes to ride, we think.