Benson Brothers


Chris and Nick Benson have been sending us shots of their CycleKart antics and it seems like about time they had their own page up here.
Chris has been building a Miller Front-Drive based CycleKart and has it close to the end! Brother Nick found the Bugatti C-K on Ebay and picked it up earlier this year. Not normally sporting to purchase a car, but the Bensons are above reproach in the do-it-your-zany-damn-self area, so we were glad to see the Bug go to a good home where it will be appreciated properly. This gives the a nice pair to start with too, which makes things much more fun.

Chris noted that the front end of the Miller was a rough-out to get the car ready for a big birthday party for Nick, which number we won't mention as it's a little too close to many of our own recent and approaching birthdays! Track work was progressing up through the morning of the party and only ended as the clouds opened up on them...Seeing as it wasn't stopping, they decided to run the event anyway. Well played!

From Chris' note on the pics:

I can't wait to see more of the track details as the place looks ideal for a good fast and wide track.

Fun in the rain. Looks like an English Trials event!

Nick, I presume, looking good and happy.

This is a great little movie of the first driving tests of the Miller in box form. Good stuff.

The Benson Miller in plywood.

A few comparitive shots Chris sent. I don't know what they're thinking about color-wise, but there are a bunch of fun possibilities given the flamboyant American track car approach. We'll have to see what comes out of our East-Coast brethren's barn...