How To Contact The

Association d'Moto-CycleKartitistes

You can send us e-mail.

However, you should read this first. We don't have plans for CycleKarts, and won't answer requests for such. We do, on occasion, answer e-mails from people who are inquiring about building their own CycleKarts. We have even helped a very few people out with their projects. There are a few notes and sketches, but you have to be willing to do most of the figuring out of problems yourself. If you're able to build stuff from scratch without plans, then let us know and we'll see what we can do for you.

Your chances of a response are directly related to the style you show in your letter. Homonyms are a pretty sure-fire way to get your message trashed, but errors in spelling and grammar we are more tolerant of (as our own skills are the embarrassing result of an American education, ameliorated only a bit by lots of Wodehouse in our formative years.) Also, we have a strange affinity for creative methods, shared by Percy Grainger, who abhorred the (as he put it) "Latin-isation" of English in favour of the more traditional Germanic method of creating interesting compound-words. The over-frequent use of homonyms in e-mails we cannot abide though.

Artists, the self-employed, retired Captains of Industry, and those living on estates (and not necessarily in England and Europe; we are still looking to build venues in California) are more likely to receive a response, particularly if you're all at once. One merry band of brothers sent a great photo of something they built based on one of our more favoured films: they earned a pretty free hand. Others whine and pester. They earned filters in our mail programs so we never have to read their e-mails again.

We've created these cars for our own pleasure. Whether we chose to communicate with others is a matter of little importance to us at this point. I'm sorry if we sound prissy, but it certainly wasn't the way we began this exercise. If you want to build one, by all means, forge ahead. They're lots of fun. If you know just how to optimise the camber angle or add redundant braking or any other critique of the concept, build your car and show us: Don't e-mail us. Talk is cheap, and e-mail even less valuable.

All that said, here's the link:

Aether-Post for the